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Sketches, drafts and artistic installations

Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques


Archi – techni (art)

Born in Athens in 1963, Dimitri Capsis moved to Paris to study in Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture. He obtained his degree ESA in 1988. Paul Virilio (philosopher, author, architect, town planner, sociologist) was the supervising professor of his thesis; Anne Cauquelin (philosopher, novelist, essayist, artist) was a member of the examining committee.

He returned to Greece where he worked as an architect for 20 years, during which he created his personal collection of a great number of sketches and notes. In 2011 he took up residence in Fribourg, Switzerland, where, alongside his job as an architect, he continued his artistic pursuits: his sketches developed into drafts and later into paintings, some of which became artistic installations.

He has been exhibiting his work in various cities in Switzerland, either in Individual or group exhibitions since 2014.
In his work, he focuses on the way everyday situations are perceived, he explores the notion of «seeing» from the moment the choice of the visual angle is made until the picture is framed and given its final touch.

His essential tools are classic drawing using pencil and pastel on plain paper, engraving on metal plates and the use of optical and other kinds of technology.

Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques

Artistic installations

(What happens when) Lighting the pipe

+History:-for the reopening of our atelier “Trait Noir” and for the visual arts competition CORONARTE :) !? του Visarte, June 2020
+Paintings:- 3 drawings 40 x 16 on white Kraft paper, hard pastel
+Installation:-Projection of a one minute video, in slow motion, on a vertical TV screen -Projection of a thirty seconds video, in real time, on the world wid web (Montage by Franz Maillard)

Le Gothard Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques

Souvenir - Souvenir / 2018

Can video surveillance become a means of expression?

During the first two weeks of December 2018:

-A camera was aiming at a specific point (the boss's table) of the Café du Théâtre (bistro - public place). The images were transmitted in real time on the TV screen of the Trait Noir workshop.
-A second camera was aiming at another location (the master's chair) in the Trait Noir workshop (private area). The images were also transmitted in real time on the TV screen of the Café du Théâtre. Bistro regulars and workshop guests were informed by an announcement at the entrance, this text written on an information card and simultaneous activity on both screens (when one of the two screens was off, the other one was turning off too). The purpose of this event was to establish memory conditions of the two places as the central theme of the artistic installation "SOUVENIR – SOUVENIR".
Sketches and paintings linked to this initiative were exhibited at the Trait Noir workshop.
Regulars of the Café du Théâtre could express themselves in a notebook placed on the bar. This notebook was offered, on December 16, 2018, to the owner of the bistro, Mr. Edgar Vonlanthen.

+ History: - First sketches in spring 2017 - Completion of painting "The master's chair" 2017 - Completion of painting "The boss's table" 2018
+ Paintings: - Dimensions "The master's chair" 47 X 55 - Dimensions "The master's chair" 62 X 55 - On white kraft paper - Gouache
+ Installation supports: - Permission by the Prefecture of Sarine - 2 IsmartAlarm cameras - 2 TV screens - 2 HP Pcs - 3 Go high speed 4G mobile Internet (Salt).

Le Gothard Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques

Le Gothard / 2016

A film is shown on a painting by means of a projector. The film has been shot from a fixed point of view, in the standards of telemonitoring. The camera as well as the painting focus on the face of the buildings in a specific street at a specific moment. The colored images of the randomly passing people and cars, in combination with the black and white painting, create the artistic installation "Le Gothard".

+ History : - First sketches in autumn 2015 - Beginning and completion of artistic representation in winter 2016 - Shooting the film in winter 2016 - Recording the film in a DVD in summer 2016.
+ Dessin final :+ Final draft : - On white paper kraft - Graphite, dry pastel with shades of white to black.
+ Painting : - Dimensions 34 X 76 - Old wooden gold-plated frame, an offer of Paul Stutzmann, - Two crystals (double-side) 100% transparent and 92% reflective.
+ Installation supports: - Projector (Acer, Full HD 1080) - DVD Player (Samsung, Blu-ray/DVD BD-J5500E) - Planned installation site (1,00 + 3,35) Χ (0,65 + 1,08) Χ 1,89

Les Arcades Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques

Les Arcades / 2016

A camera placed opposite the painting records the movement of the visitors, which is projected directly on a screen. The artistic installation consists in people’s reactions to the black and white painting and their colored image which they discover on the screen. Then, a video clip is created, the final form of which is the framing of the painting "Les Arcades".

+ History: - First sketches in summer 2014 - Beginning and completion of artistic representation in winter 201 - Presentation of artistic installation in September 2016.- Montage of video clip in winter 2017. - Completion of drawing (mise en cadre) in spring 2017 - Especially dedicated.
+ Dessin: + Painting: - Dimensions 72 X 89 - On white paper kraft - Graphite, dry pastel with shades of white to black.
+ Installation supports: - Camera (Sony, HDR-CX240E) - Téléviseur (Polaroid, 32" LED DVBT HD 1366 X 768) - Planned installation site 2,50 Χ 1,90 Χ 0,89.
+ Final painting: - Dimensions 39 X 51 - Old white-gold frame, an offer of St Hilaire, - One crystal 100% transparent and 92% reflective.

Notebook drafts

Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques


Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques

Les deux copains - The two friends

Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques


Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques


Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques


Dimitri CAPSIS Installations Artistiques

Récolte d'olives - Olive har

Travail en cours

Tétralogie - autumn (124 X 70)

Tétralogie - summer (124 X 70)


Individual exhibitions

Trait Noir, Fribourg (December 2018)

«Souvenir - Souvenir»

Trait Noir, Fribourg (September)

«Regarder rien que pour voir / Look only to see»»

Le Tunnel, Fribourg (November 2013)  

«Mets le quartier du Bourg sous cadre / Put the Bourg square in a frame» 

Espace Kairos, Fribourg (August 2014)

«Le Bourg, 1 ère étape, Rue des Epouses / Bourg, 1st step, The Street of Wives »

Group exhibitions

Trait Noir, Fribourg (June 2020)

«A la Saint-Jean l’ouverture» common format

Trait Noir, Fribourg  (June 2018)

«Marine» format commun

Trait Noir, Fribourg  (December 2017)


Bourg on stage, Fribourg (August 2017)

« Meetings - The square of Bourg, a land of welcome! »

a sketch based on a picture by Jean-Yves Piffard

The palace of Rumine, Lausanne (September 2016)

«Tirage Limité / Limited copies»

Public Library, Yverdon-les-Bains (July 2016)

«Libro Libero»

Trait Noir, Fribourg (June 2016)

«Common dimensions 25X25»



Dimitri CAPSIS
Grand-Rue 9 / 1700 Fribourg / tél (+41) 26 305 61 50 / dimcapsis@yahoo.gr /

Place of residence and work: Fribourg / Switzerland



1982 – 2020
Drafts. Memoirs in written or drawing form.


December 2018
«Souvenir - Souvenir
Galerie - Atelier: Trait Noir, Rue du Pont Suspendu 10, and Café du Théâtre, street Pont Suspendu 22, Fribourg / Switzerland.

September 2016
«Look only to see»
Galerie - Atelier: Trait Noir, Rue du Pont Suspendu 10, Fribourg / Switzerland.

November 2014
«Put the Bourg Square in a frame»
Café: Le Tunnel, Rue du Grand - Rue 68, Fribourg / Switzerland.

August 2014
«Bourg, 1 st step, The Street of Wives»
Galerie: Espace Kairos, Rue des Épouses 7, Fribourg / Switzerland.

20-21 June 2020
«At Saint - Jean opening" common format»
Galerie - Atelier: Trait Noir Rue du Pont Suspendu 14, Fribourg / Switzerland.

June 2018
«Marine Format common format»
Galerie - Atelier: Trait Noir Rue du Pont Suspendu 10, Fribourg / Switzerland.

December 2017
«L 'Atelier»
Galerie - Atelier: Trait Noir, Rue du Pont Suspendu 10, Fribourg / Switzerland.

August 2017
Bourg on stage / Meetings - The square of Bourg, a land of welcome!»
Quartier du Bourg, Fribourg / Switzerland.

September 2016
«Limited copies»
The Palace of Rumine, Lausanne / Switzerland.

July 2016
«Libro Libero»
Public Library, Yverdon - les - Bains / Switzerland.

June 2016
«Common format 25 X25»
Galerie - Atelier: Trait Noir, Rue du Pont Suspendu 10, Fribourg / Switzerland.


September 2019
«membres» ΝΟ FOND

December 2018
«Mémoriser les lieux»

September 2018
«Dimitri Capsis-YouTube» ΝΟ FOND

June 2016
«Format commun pour sept artistes à Trait noir»

July 2014
«Dessins d'une Rue» ΝΟ FOND

«Le Bourg en marches»


2019– 2020
Newcomer of VISARTE / Fribourg / Switzerland
2015– 2020
Member of the visual arts group Trait Noir(Black Line) / Fribourg / Switzerland
2011– 2020
Producer of olive oil in Fragavilla / Peloponnese / Greece

July 2020